X4 Series

X4 is an ongoing series of simple graphic forms that create timeless and enduring designs. The pieces sit somewhere between furniture, objects and sculpture. The contrast of the minimalistic shapes and traditional craft, goes beyond the object’s functionality.

Our sculpture begins with a 3D-printed foundation, bringing digital designs to life. Then, the craftsmanship aspect takes center stage. With dedication and precision, the sculpture is meticulously veneered by hand. Attention is given to every detail, texture, and contour, imparting a unique and artistic character. The finishing is a manual process where the sculpture is polished, refined, and fine-tuned with an eye for aesthetics. This artisanal process infuses a human touch into the technology, making the sculpture a masterpiece that reflects both advanced technology and human craftsmanship.

Photo by Chloe Alyshea during Dutch Design Week 2023