X4 Series

In 2019, the X4 Series debuted; however, the momentum was abruptly halted by the pandemic, forcing a pause in its journey. As if fate hadn’t dealt enough of a blow, tragedy struck in 2023 with a devastating fire ravaging their studio, wiping out everything, including the cherished X4 collection.

Determined to breathe new life into the X4 collection, the decision was made to resurrect the series, with each piece retaining the deep mirrored black and wooden pattern. Alongside recreating objects from 2019, new designs were also introduced, seamlessly complementing the existing collection.

Black became more than just a color; it became a canvas for expression, a stage for form to take center stage. The renewed emphasis on simplicity and traditional craftsmanship breathed life into every curve and angle. Light danced upon the surfaces, highlighting the interplay of shapes and textures.

The essence of the X4 Series remained playful and multifunctional. The pieces don’t adhere to a fixed composition, allowing for a dynamic and ever-evolving exploration of form and function.

Photo by Chloe Alyshea during Dutch Design Week 2023