Table du Sud X Studio Verbaan

The style of Studio Verbaan is characterized by simplicity and a recognizable interplay of lines and that is exactly what forms the base for the tables that have been made in collaboration. Studio Verbaan has a playful approach in concept thinking. Creating simple, graphic, modularity forms that create balance and compositions. They choose two shapes that you see in the objects and wall pieces of Minimal Marquetry collection.

Studio Verbaan also works, just like Table du Sud, on request. This means that no large stock is maintained or that there is overproduction, which contributes to the sustainability of the concept.

The collection consists of two dining tables; a semi-oval and a semi-round, also called teardrop-shaped. The gracefulness of the shape of the top is combined with a qonic and open central base, which creates a chic and modern appearance of the collection. The tables are made of French oak, available with different options, colors and sizes so that the tables can be tailored exactly to personal wishes.


Photo by closeupbykim