Studio Verbaan presents the Minimal Marquetry collection at Aap Noot Brood.

Date: 26 August – 6 October
Location: Aap Noot Brood, Schiemond 42A, Rotterdam

An inspiring exhibition that tells the compelling story of resilience and rebirth. After the devastating fire on that fateful Wednesday, June 28th, which engulfed our beloved studio, the Keilewerf, in flames, we, Studio Verbaan, are ready to begin anew.

This exhibition at Aap Noot Brood was planned before the fire struck. With determination, we have worked on new pieces and proudly present a selection of works from both the Minimal Marquetry Collection and our very first creations after the tragic incident.

You are welcome to the opening on Saturday, August 26th, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The exhibition will be available for viewing until October 6th.


Studio Verbaan presents X4 – Object at iCOON, Hoek van Holland

Date: 2 – 24 September 2023, Saturday & Sunday 11am-6pm
Location: iCOON, Badweg 1b, Hoek van Holland

September is all about sublime, minimal design language.
Not an exhibition, but rather a spectacle of activities around a minimal form language. There are new activities on the agenda every week. With contributions from artists who have already appeared in iCOON and with new minimal artists. With workshops, film, a picnic, installations, live performances and much more.

DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2023 Solid Silhouettes

Studio Verbaan presents X4 Series at Form Editions

Date: 21 ⎯ 29 October
Location: KEVN (Kelderman En van Noort), Eindhoven

On the cusp of art and design, Form Editions presents striking outlines in the third dimension – an exploration of materiality and innovative craft.

This exhibition shows new work of the core selection of designers that are connected to Form Editions. Visit us at KEVN in the newly created Collectible Design area of Dutch Design Week, where Form Editions explores the future of collectible design and functional art.

The Exhibition

Form Editions is a platform where art and design converge, connecting collectors to creators. Through this exhibition, we showcase new works from our core collection. These innovative works transcend the ordinary, pushing the boundaries of geometric possibilities while delving deep into the world of materials. You’ll discover common threads of shapes in their purest form interwoven throughout the pieces, each manifested in a distinctive personal signature.

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DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2023 Nothing Happens If Nothing Happens

Studio Verbaan presents X4 – Sculpture at Isola Design

Date: 21 ⎯ 29 October
Location: Schellens Fabriek, Eindhoven

Isola showcase at Dutch Design Week 2023: An inspiring journey through materials, circular and collectible design.

In the Schellens Fabriek, a former factory space in Eindhoven’s city center, close to the well-known Van Abbemuseum, Isola takes over a 400 sqm space by showcasing innovative biomaterials, circular products, and collectible design pieces from its design communities designers.

Nothing Happens If Nothing Happens

Isola is gathering designers and design professionals with a joint mission: to go beyond mere sustainable design thinking and really make something happen. The founders call on all designers and studios to implement a concrete change in their modus operandi, bringing them closer to the concept of regeneration.

The collaboration continues between Isola’s creative director, Elif Resitoglu, design studio IAMMI, and Italian start-up ReMat, focused on mattress waste recycling, for the creation and design of the exhibition layout. The elements in recycled polyurethane, previously shaped for the Londonese set-up, will be reused and repurposed, raising the commitment to truly sustainable design. Different thematic areas will characterize the exhibition, from material research to collectible design and sustainable and circular products. Isola is pushing the level of sustainable exhibiting even further in its partnership with The Good Plastic Company, using their recycled plastic sheets for signage and in the setup where possible. Both collaborations make sure that less virgin and single-use materials are used.

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