Minimal Marquetry

The Minimal Marquetry collection, like other
pieces from Studio Verbaan, offers a good
representation of minimalistic shapes and
traditional craftsmanship. It was designed with an
art approach and draws influence from design.
The collection is based on the traditional art and
craft of applying pieces of veneer to a structure
to form decorative designs. This technique can
be used on furniture, small objects with smooth
and venerable surfaces, or freestanding panels
appreciated for their own beauty.

The Minimal Marquetry collection is a simplified form of marquetry that features a type of pattern created by combining fine oak veneers chosen for their grain, texture, and color.

The pieces in the collection resemble puzzles,
with two-dimensional cut shapes and interlocking
forms that create unexpected patterns. All the
objects in the collection offer a playful approach
to deciding how to hang or place them.