Help Studio Verbaan after Keilewerf fire


On Wednesday, June 28th, a massive fire completely destroyed the Keilewerf. Unfortunately, along with 40 other entrepreneurs, we have lost our workplace and creative hub. Furthermore, all of our furniture, objects, materials, machinery, and tools have gone up in smoke. We are in desperate need of your help to make a fresh start!

The Keilewerf was the place where we could transform our creativity and ideas into experiments, projects, and ultimately a real business. Approximately 7 years ago, Jordi walked into the Keilewerf and took his first steps in woodworking and furniture making. Together with his girlfriend and designer Solange, this evolved into Studio Verbaan in 2019—a studio that explores the combination of furniture and art. They recently launched their own collection at Table Du Sud, and a new collection was scheduled to be released soon.

At this moment, any support, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the future of the area and the Keilewerf, insurance was unfortunately not possible. We have to start from scratch, from setting up a new workspace to acquiring materials, machinery, and tools. That’s why we are asking for your help to restart Studio Verbaan.

  • Goal 1: €5,000 – for the purchase of tools
  • Goal 2: € 10,000 – for workshop supplies
  • Goal 3: € 15,000 – for material procurement for new work

Any support is welcome!

Jordi and Solange, Studio Verbaan


Wednesday, June 28th, end of the day.
Just before the fire, we had the photoshoot of Table Du Sud in our workspace, Keilewerf 1.
Right after the fire, we were allowed onto the premises with the other ‘wervers’.
Fortunately, amidst all the debris, we found grandpa’s hammer. This gives us the strength to start anew.