You Decide the Purpose of the Objects in the X4 Series

01.21.21 Posted by Kelly Beall

An ongoing project made up of simple graphic forms from Studio Verbaan, the X4 series is made up of handcrafted black wood pieces that reside somewhere around the intersection of furniture, object and sculpture. The Bauhaus and Memphis design influences stand out in X4’s modern minimal shapes and high contrast appearance. Each piece’s strong yet flat silhouette is sharp around the edges, yet intentionally ambiguous – allowing you to decide what its purpose is.

Jordi Verbaan hand-makes each piece, selecting individual wood boards that are matched for color, grain pattern and structural integrity. Traditional joinery methods offer maximum strength and allow for seasonal wood movement. Once constructed, each piece is finished by hand with a traditional ebonizing wood process and hard wax oil making them ready to stand the test of time.

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