Milan Design Market x Dutch Design Week 2020

Milan Design Market collaborates every year with different architects to design unconventional exhibitions sets during the physical events of Milan Design Weeks. Due to the cancellation of various events, they wanted to take this opportunity to create digital experiences for the digital visitors. For the Dutch Design Week 2020, The digitally curated exhibition of Milan Design Market created in collaboration with Notoo Studio and 3DD factory. Get ready to live a mesmerizing virtual experience surrounded by a suggestive desert atmosphere, where products emerge from the sand, the same way we are from these difficult times. While navigating in this peaceful imaginary space you can see and buy the pieces of 20 bespoke designers pieces which are carefully selected from of Isola Design District’s community. All the pieces that are exhibited in this virtual space have their own stories and experimental process for instance you can find the lamps of Lucas Zito that are made of the cigarette butts, the candle holders of Maria Pita Guerreiro that are made of fungi and mycelium as well as the tableware collection of Valde Clemence which is inspired by traditional kitchen ceramics that formed the golden age of the city of Vallauris and much!