ISOLA DESIGN GALLERY x Dutch Design Week 2020

A selection of the best collection and bespoke pieces from Isola Design Community for the Dutch Design Week 2020, with works inspired by architecture, geometry, art, minimalism and, again, sustainability, to draft the new lines for high-end design.

A marble living room monument, Enigma side table by 3DD Factory is a present day furniture piece referring to ancient Italian cities and is made by Italian artisans. With a similar inspiration, limited furniture collection Archetypes by Studio Joachim Morineau brings ancient architecture archetypes together with industrial materials.

Alexandra Izeboud joins the exhibition with an ultra-slim and minimalistic Offset Bookcases and her industrial yet intimate Sunlight wall lamp. A world of curves and 5 colors with an industrial yet elegant appearance is what the table lamp Trouvé by Cohors represents. From a 2D composition to a 3D object, Studio Verbaan created the X4 series. Handcrafted wooden furniture pieces that can be placed somewhere between furniture, object and sculpture.

Freshly graduated Sjang Niederwieser, from Maastricht Institute of Arts, is bringing together craftsmanship and technology in his Volare silk light objects: handcrafted knitted cylinders of pure silk over a 3D printed shape. Talking about handcraft, designer Clémence Valade presents her Us & Coutumes, two ceramic tableware collections – Diet and Hygiene – that aim to raise awareness about healthy food consumption on the one hand and the waste of water on the other.

With sustainable handcraft and slow design, the Mycelium collection by LI–AN–LO gives a contemporary play on geometry and scale, three unique side tables with a monolithic base of pine wood combined with the tempered glass-top. Unique is also the limited collection Aluminimum 2020, with which Bhulls Studio aims to generate a new minimalism through interaction between materials and light, and the latests works of Spinzi Design, Meccano Collection, Medusa and Planar Tables, influenced by the automotive and fashion industries, great passions of the founder Tommaso Spinzi.

The eye catching Gridpit and Firepit by Lennart Lauren stand out with their geometric appearance. What’s even more impressive, is their recyclability rate being respectively 95% and 99%. Another design made with a sustainable ethos is the Melede side table by Bock Studio, blending Scandinavian simplicity, the traditional use of timber and new sustainable materials, creating a natural and light aesthetic.

Federica Cristaudo Design presents Fu:d, a photogenic capsule collection dedicated to the world of food, entirely made of ecological and food grade resin, by now a trademark of the designer. Last but not least, the eco-friendly bold and vibrant carpets by Studio Noun. The rugs are made with eucalyptus wool and are sustainably produced. The designs are based on the designer’s drawings and paintings.